Passport Photos

Overview of passport photo printing

We make it easy for you to obtain passport photos.  Simply pop into our office and we will take your photo, process the picture in our software suite to resize the dimensions to UK or USA regulation size. Then we will print the photos in high quality onto photographic paper and cut them to correct size.

UK regulation approved passport photos

We print UK regulation approved passport photographs in Edinburgh city centre.

Dimension of these photos is 35mm wide x 45mm high with a light grey background. There are many regulations around passport photos which we comply with. Our photos pass UK passport agency regulatory approval.

Digital passport photocodes for UK passports

If you are applying online for your UK passport, we can make the process even simpler by supplying you with a digital passport photo code.  This photo code is already checked and pre-approved by HM passport service. All you need to do is enter the photocode on the online application form. you will not need any digital photos to upload.

Please note:  if you request a digital passport photocode, you will not be supplied with hardcopy printed passport photos (they wont be required anyway, as the photocode will suffice for online UK passport applications)

Contact us about this service

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The many uses of passport sized photographs

Passport photos have many varied uses such as:

  • Renewing your passport (the most obvious use!)
  • Driving license
  • Bus pass
  • Student ID card
  • Club membership card
  • Visa application photos

What does our service include?

Our passport photo service includes the following:

  • Your picture taken at our premises
  • Resized to correct dimensions in our software
  • Printed onto high quality photographic paper / or request a photo code for Uk passports
  • Trimmed to correct size
  • Set of 4 passport photos supplied

Other countries passport photos

We can also print and supply you with other countries passport photos. We have the USA photo specification saved on our system, for all other countries please supply the specifications for size of photo and head size (in mm please) for the relevant country.  We will then adjust our software to accommodate the sizing for the relevant country.

Other country photographs may take longer to process, typically from 4 hours to next day service.