Lamination & Encapsulation

Overview of Lamination

The ideal solution to protect printed products such as posters, maps and business cards is to have them laminated or encapsulated.  This will make the product look more professional and appealing as well as making it durable. We offer both gloss lamination to add sheen to posters to the more subtle matt lamination that is commonly used for business cards and postcard for a more sophisticated look.

We offer Laminating and encapsulation for standard A4 to A0 sizes and custom sizes of upto 1 meter wide and over 3 meters long!

Difference between lamination & encapsulation

Laminating is the process in which printed sheets are coated with a thin clear plastic sheet on one side or both sides of the sheet and trimmed at the edges to give a neat and clean finish. This lamination protects the print and makes it durable and water resistant. This type of lamination offers limited protection as over a period of time the inner paper sheet will start to wear at the edges because the sheet is exposed to the elements at the edges as they are trimmed right up to the sheet.

Encapsulation is the process in which printed sheets are sandwiched in thin clear plastic sheets on both sides with the plastic sheets extended to form a small plastic clear lip all around the document. This encapsulation process offers maximum protection of the inner sheet and makes the sheet fully waterproof and much more durable than lamination. Reason for this is because both sides of the sheet are full enclosed in plastic with a small extending plastic lip so there is no exposure of the inner sheet to the elements at all.

Why laminate?

Printed items on paper or card are prone to get damaged by frequent handling or environmental factors (water, moisture, oil etc). To overcome this issue and to preserve and make your printed products durable we use a process called lamination or encapsulation. In this process, we apply very thin hot melt plastic sheets to either one side or both sides of the product.

Where is lamination used?

Typical uses for our lamination and encapsulation services:

  • Lamination of Business cards and post cards
  • Encapsulation of Posters and maps
  • Lamination of Restaurant menus
  • Encapsulation of old plans, cherished items etc

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