Vinyl Lettering

Overview of Vinyl Lettering

Vinyl lettering is applied to many wide and varied items that you see in everyday life. This self-adhesive vinyl material sticks to any non-porous surface and is very durable, long lasting and outdoor grade, perfect for the U.K. weather! Vinyl Lettering is known by many names such as self-adhesive lettering, sticky letters and numbers, vinyl decals. We are specialists in production of vinyl cut lettering, produced onsite at our Edinburgh print shop.

Uses for Vinyl Lettering

  • Shop vinyl lettering for fascia signs and opening times
  • Shop window vinyl lettering
  • Vehicle vinyl lettering and decals
  • Lettering onto acrylics or trophies
  • Wall lettering for offices and art galleries
  • Exhibition and trade show vinyl lettering

Does vinyl lettering have a background?

Vinyl lettering does not have a background. The letters are cut from a sheet of vinyl, so when applied, the background becomes whatever the substrate you stick them on to.

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Steps in the production and application of cut vinyl lettering

  1. Vinyl lettering is produced by machine cutting your design or letters onto sheets of self-adhesive white or coloured vinyl material.
  2. Once your artwork has been machine cut, we remove the excess background vinyl material (this removal process is called weeding). All that will be left is just the cut self-adhesive vinyl design on the backing sheet.
  3. We then apply an adhesive transfer tape top of the vinyl lettering, covering the lettering completely.
  4. To apply the vinyl lettering, you need to simply remove the transfer tape from the backing sheet. The cut vinyl design will “lift” as it is stuck to the adhesive of the transfer tape.
  5. Carefully position the transfer tape in the desired location on your substrate and remove the transfer tape slowly and in an even movement, whilst rubbing over each vinyl letter.
  6. The transfer tape will come off leaving the vinyl lettering stuck to the surface of your substrate. This is because the glue tack of the vinyl lettering is stronger than the tack of the transfer tape.
  7. You can search on YouTube for “vinyl application” for thousands of videos of the vinyl process.

Some types of vinyl lettering that we produce

  • Vehicle Lettering –  Self-adhesive cut vinyl letters, numbers or logos adhere to any clean and smooth surface. Ideal for company branding, vehicle livery or for advertising campaigns. This lettering can be used for all types of cars, vans, motorbikes, bicycles, caravans, trucks, boats, ski jets, etc.
  • Wall Lettering – For any type of clean and smooth interior or exterior walls, furniture, plastic & wood doors. Vinyl lettering is Ideal for use as office information signage, art galleries etc.
  • Window lettering – Self-adhesive vinyl lettering is great for window displays, glass, mirrors, etc. We “reverse cut” the lettering so that when applied on the inside of the window, it shows as right reading from the other side.