Plan Printing

Overview of our plan printing service

We are specialists of fast same day plan printing in Edinburgh. Having invested in cutting edge modern hi speed large format printers with printing speeds of upto 8x A1 sheets a minute, your job will be printed fast whilst maintaining excellent quality and crisp definition. Colour or mono plans are printed to standard iso sizes of A1 A2 A0. Alternatively we can print your own bespoke sizes upto 8 meters in length in one piece!

No matter how large or small your project, from a single A1 architect’s plan for personal use to over 1000+ copies of plans for housing and construction firms. Our experienced team will turnaround your job quickly, efficiently and professionally.

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Paper types on offer

We provide 3 different paper types:

  • 75gsm architect paper –  This is the industry standard architectural paper which is lightweight and easy to fold.
  • 150gsm cartridge paper – When you require something a bit more substantial and durable this 150gsm paper fits the bill, it feels like thin card.
  • Tracing paper – Tracing paper media is around 100gsm thick. Being translucent and see through,  tracing paper is suitable for overlaying onto other plans.

Types of plans we print

Plans can be used for a wide range of applications, some of which are:

  • Architect plans – For final building warrant submission or for presentations to clients. Normally A1 sized plans printed onto 75gsm paper
  • Building & construction Plans – For use on-site by builders and project managers. Being used outside these plans need to withstand the elements. We recommend they are printed onto either the thicker 150gsm paper or laminated to make them waterproof and durable.
  • Electrical & Engineering plans – Often electrical and engineering plans are very detailed and intricate and printed in colour to differentiate and highlight the different aspects and stages of the work.
  • Landscaping plans – Normally large areas of ground are covered in detail. We often print landscape plans A0 in size so as all the detail and text is not too small and is legible. Landscape plans are often printed in colour to make parks and roads etc obvious.

Lamination & folding of plans

Finishing services available for your printed plans:

  • Folding your plan to A4
  • Lamination and encapsulation of your plans to make them durable and waterproof