Hot Foil Printing

Hot foil printing explained

The process of applying a foil onto paper or card stock with heat and pressure is known as foil printing (also known as hot foil stamping or foil blocking). This is a solvent-free and unique printing method. It is the only way to achieve printing that has a mirror like metallic finish on extremely thick cards, leather, book covers etc. Using brass die’s we can also emboss logo and lettering (raised printing) or deboss your artwork (print sunken into paper by pressure)

Hot foiling your printing gives a finish to be admired and adds a visual appeal to your product. People will not be able to resist touching your prints! We undertake all types of foil printing work, large or small from design to completion. We can work with the most demanding deadlines without compromising on the quality of printing.

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Types of hot foiling that we do

At Crescent Print Edinburgh, we provide 2 types of hot foiling services:

Digital hot foil printing

A more economical  and modern process as there is no need to have a brass die created. Suitable for small and large runs. Faster turnaround than traditional foil blocking.

Traditional foil blocking/stamping

A brass die is created which is then heated up and the foil is “stamped” onto paper or card with pressure. Speciality extra thick and textured cards can be used with this method, a beautiful and unique embossed or debossed feel on the card is achieved.

Different types of foils available

Metallic foils

Standard high shine mirror like shine foils. Main colours we stock are gold, silver, copper and rose gold. All other colours available on order such as red, blue green, purple etc.

Pigment foils

These foils don’t have a metallic mirror look. They come in a range of matt or gloss colours. These are great for stamping text and logos.

Pearl foils

These foils add a pearlescent effect. They are used to give more tactile  and subtle shine rather than colour to a design. A good choice for elegant stationery like invitations and business cards.

Holographic foils

These foils give the impression of a holograph or rainbow effect.  A modern and fun foil that is popular with Christmas-themed designs.

Some items that hot foil printing works well with

An example of some of the many items that hot foil printing works well with:

  • Foiled Business cards
  • Foiled stationery
  • Foiled invitations
  • Foiled menus and brochures
  • Foiled book covers
  • Foiled leather products