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Poster printing in Edinburgh

poster printing in Edinburgh

At Crescent Print Edinburgh poster printing is our speciality. Our team has many years of experience printing high quality posters. We are proud of our well-earned reputation of meeting demanding deadlines.  We can print standard ISO sized A1 A2 A0 posters or your own custom size, including super long posters that are in excess of 4 meters in length.  A variety of different printing techniques and material are used for posters depending on application and budget.

We will ensure you get your poster printed on time. Simply upload your files to us and collect your printed poster at our Edinburgh office or have it delivered to anywhere in the U.K.

Photo quality posters

Matt Posters

Matt posters are especially suited for academic and scientific presentations where a lot of text is involved. These matt posters have no surface reflection which makes them ideal for exhibiting your work in highly lit areas such as conference & exhibition halls, art galleries etc.  High quality photo grade posters printed onto a 180gsm matt paper. 

Satin Posters

High quality photo grade posters printed onto a 190gsm satin (semi-gloss media). There is very little dot gain on satin photo paper, so printing is of the highest quality. Satin photo paper is especially suited when there are large areas of solids in the artwork and for the printing of large photographs. Ideal if you want to accept no compromises and require the highest possible quality.

Applications of photo quality posters:

  • Academic and scientific presentation posters
  • Fine art
  • Student University Final Exam presentations & hand in’s
  • Wedding Photographs
  • Business Advertising and promotions
  • Long term archival use / Framing / Gifts

Laser printed budget posters

By printing using high speed large format colour laser printers, makes these posters economical for our clients on a budget.  Although these budget posters quality is not as high as our photo quality posters (quality of these budget posters is comparable to a colour photocopier)  these laser printed posters work perfectly well and have a wide range of uses for the budget conscious.

We offer 3 types of papers for laser printing:

  • 75gsm “architects” plain copier paper
  • 150gsm cartridge paper for a thicker, more substantial feel
  • Translucent tracing paper – around 100gsm thick

Typical Applications of large format budget laser posters:

  • CAD and Graphical Plans/Drawings
  • GIS Maps
  • Promotional Posters
  • Advertising
  • University Hand Ins
  • and many more applications.

Foldable fabric posters

Printed onto 115gsm smooth matt tight weave cotton material, these fabric posters print in high quality similar to our photo quality posters.

The main advantage of fabric posters is that they can be folded and stored in luggage for transport purposes. These posters can even be ironed to take out the creases!

Canvas posters

A photo quality cotton blend 250gsm canvas material is used for these posters, which has a slight textured feel. This canvas poster can be lightly folded to store in suit cases for travelling purposes. Some people prefer the canvas poster to the fabric poster as the material is thicker and more substantial.

The main use for printing a poster onto canvas material is to stretch it onto wooden canvas bars or to frame the poster. We can print your artwork to poster size on canvas material and can also stretch onto wooden frames to give you a completed canvas, ready for hanging on to walls. Please look at our canvas section for further information.

Clear film and backlit film posters

We can print posters onto clear acetate film material. Typical uses are for overlays onto other posters and for art exhibitions.

We can also print onto back lit polyester material for use in restaurant and take-away light boxes. This material is slightly opaque so as the tube light source in the lightbox is not visible. You only see smooth even light on the poster.

Poster printing onto client's supplied sheets

Sometimes you may want to supply your own sheets for us to print unto. This is also possible. Bring in the sheets you need printed onto as we will need to check the sheets to see if compatible with our large format printers.

Normally if the weight of your supplied paper is less than 250gsm and the edges of the sheet are smooth and trimmed straight, we should be able to print onto them with no problems. Always bring in extra sheets just in case as we may need to use one sheet to calibrate the printer.

Still wondering what to choose? Read this brief post to get an idea.

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