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Vinyl Stickers Printing and Labelling: TOP 5 Latest Design and Printing Trends

Vinyl Stickers Printing and Labelling: Latest Design and Printing Trends

Brands are constantly on the lookout for new and innovative ways to promote themselves. The more attractive your labeling, vinyl stickers, logo, and packaging are, the more likely you are to attract buyers. 

Product labelling is essential in today’s marketing system. In fact, it is almost as vital as the product itself. A label design can often be make or break for your product.

Beyond other marketing strategies such as ads and commercials, good branding techniques help people recognize the brand. There are a wide variety of printing services offered, ranging from custom vinyl sticker painting and vinyl label printing to custom-shaped stickers and sticker design printing. These labels and stickers work as an additional form of marketing for your products and services.

Here are some latest design and printing trends to enhance your labels and stickers’ looks and meet your specialized business needs.

Latest Trend: Custom Contour Shape Cutting for Vinyl Stickers

Along with designing shapes, custom contour shape cutting is also available for vinyl stickers. Contour cuts around the outer edges of a printed image in a predetermined shape or cuts the exact contour of the design.

Instead of printing a logo on a piece of paper and cutting it out using a pair of scissors to get inconsistent borders, contour cutting gives a smooth result of your cuttings.

The custom design is printed on a vinyl sticker material and cut out precisely and quickly with a computer-guided cutting process. Contour cutting allows your sticker’s shape to be intricate, simple, and uniform.   

Contour cut makes sure that the final look of your design will be a custom cut, with minimal remaining background material between the design elements. Our experienced professionals make sure your designs are accurate and reduce the amount of material left inside the design by cutting around the extra edges. 

Usage Trends in Different Types of Vinyl Stickers

There is a broad range of customized vinyl stickers you can use for your products. The latest usage trends in some of the popular ones are listed below.

White Vinyl Stickers

White vinyl stickers are one of the most popular choices used for brand marketing. Polypropylene is the standard stock used for offset as well as digital printing. Due to their durability and unique designs, they can be used on fridges and plastics or for decorative purposes. 

Vinyl stickers are waterproof, making them suitable for wine bottles for packaging and various products. Their waterproof and UV resistant property makes them great for outdoor use.

They have a thick and durable sticker material and can stick to any surface. Gloss and matt laminated stickers are best used on cosmetic tubes and bottles. They’re also available for cosmetic tubes and bottles.

In addition, textured vinyl stickers are also available for use in wine labels. 

Clear Vinyl Stickers

Clear vinyl stickers are crystal clear. They are the best quality stickers that allow you to see through them when applied to the surface. They are used for multiple purposes, such as giveaway stickers for product packaging. 

On a dark background, clear vinyl stickers do not stand out. The white color process is done underneath the actual colors to avoid transparency of the colors when printed.

The foil finish on clear vinyl stickers emphasis the branding. It is recommended to use Outdoor Clear vinyl stickers for outdoor UV resistance.

Static Cling Stickers

Static cling stickers are not adhesive, but they stick to windows and on surfaces that are smooth. They can be removed and reused easily. Moreover, they do not create any marks or residues on the product.

Static clings are thin vinyl films that adhere to a variety of surfaces. The adhesive-free window clings can be reused. Since static clings do not have an adhesive, they are not weather resistant and should not be used outside.

One-Way Vision Window Vinyl

One-way vision window graphics are water-resistant vinyl graphics that allow people on the inside to see outside, while people on the other side can only see the printed design. As an added bonus, they reduce heat and glare from the sun by giving the appearance of a tinted window from the inside. Glass graphics with one-way visibility are printed on a reusable adhesive on a gloss white vinyl.

One-way vision stickers are applied consistently to windows of offices or cars. People from the inside can see outside of the window easily, but people from the outside of the window can only see the printed graphic and can’t see inside.

Using one-way stickers on buses and trains can be useful for branding and advertisements on the outside without obstructing the view of passengers inside.

Floor Stickers

Crescent prints provide one of the best waterproof and durable floor stickers. They can be used as floor stickers with graphic warning signs personalized with your company branding. Floor stickers are also available in custom cut with any size and shape that you require for your branding. These stickers can be place on floors or footpaths.

Floor stickers are long lasting and durable. They are anti-scuff and anti-slip, making them suitable for hard flooring or short pile carpet. These stickers are strong enough to endure footsteps, paw prints, and all kinds of weather. They are made to be used both for indoor and outdoor purposes.

Final Thoughts

Stickers are one of the best ways to brand your material and use it on various occasions. 

Crescent print offers a wide variety of printing services, ranging from custom vinyl sticker painting and vinyl label printing to custom-shaped stickers and sticker design printing.

Reach out to Crescent Prints website and get a fun, unique printed piece today!