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Reviewing Your Options for Scientific and Academic Poster Printing in Edinburgh

Are you looking to get a poster printed for an upcoming presentation? Are you struggling to find the right material?

Posters are commonly used in the academic community. Many conferences comprise poster presentations in their program. Research posters summarize research and data efficiently, engaging the attendants and sparking discussions. 

A poster is made of a combination of text combined with pictures, graphs, tables, and other presentation formats. During a conference, the researcher stands by the poster display as other participants arrive, see the presentation, and make interactions with the author.

What Is an Academic Poster?

An academic poster is one of the various methods to communicate your research. Researchers use popular media, press releases, journal articles, teaching, talks, and books to communicate their findings. When created the right way, an academic poster is a method to promote your work at meetings and conferences in an aesthetically-pleasing and concise manner. 

During a poster session, your main objective is to communicate your goal with everyone. This is a good way to network with people that may be future employers, advisers, or collaborators. You can also collect crucial feedback on your work. 

To tempt people, your poster must communicate the topic quickly and deploy visual elements, such as diagrams, maps, graphs, and pictures. All in all, a compelling poster relies on a powerful and concise design. By using the right poster, you can share your story in less than five minutes.

Types of Posters

Due to the importance of the occasion, it is important to ensure that you use the right technology to make the posters.

Matte Paper

If you are creating a scientific presentation with a large amount of text, matte posters can do the job. Since they have no reflection, it makes them ideal for giving presentations in high-lit areas such as conference halls. 

Since there are no glare issues with matt paper, you can display a 4 foot panorama under mixed lighting, particularly where the prints are displayed higher on a wall. 

Satin Poster

Satin photo paper is ideal if you need a photo paper that will offer terrific colour quality and professional results without glare issues. Also known as lustre or semi-gloss paper, satin paper has a lustrous, soft finish that is created to demonstrate the best parts of an image. 

As this paper is quite durable and doesn’t need protective covering to display well, it is the ideal photo paper for a wide range of projects. It is especially useful for printing presentation photos in academic projects. Sometimes it is the preferred choice because customers like the look and feel of a satin finish.

Laser Printed Budget Posters

Laser printers produce crisp text and graphics for various paper types. These work well with standard documents and presentations, offering a way to produce cheap posters and marketing material in A4 size for those who are on a shoestring budget. 

You can use any file (e.g., TIFF, PPT, DOCX, PSD, and JPG) with laser printers. Besides, you can even use popular editing software – Corel Draw, InDesign, and Photoshop. 

Foldable Fabric Posters

If you would like to travel easily over a long distance without putting your poster in a tube, a foldable fabric poster is a good choice. Printed on crease-resistant fabric made of polyester, it is designed for high-resolution printing. 

You can pack your poster in your suitcase with minimal creasing. Besides, it can be lightly-ironed as well. That is precisely why it is convenient to display your foldable fabric poster in conferences and meetings. Once you reach your destination, pull out the poster and use presentation clips or thumbtacks to hang your poster. 

In case you find any light creasing on the poster, all you have to do is use a low-heat iron and press it lightly against the fabric. After that, your text and images will be intact. 

Canvas Posters

Canvas posters come with a slight texture and a semi-gloss finish, using high-quality links to protect your fine art poster against UV damage. All materials have pigment-based inks and archival quality. Digital printing on superior artist-grade canvas can boost the durability of your posters to a significant extent.

Backlit Film Poster

When displaying any type of graphics, whether it is picture-based or textual, you should strive for the best representation of their display or signage. A standard poster might not be a good choice for every academic use case. 

Backlit film is a form of material on which you can imprint text or graphics so that light can shine form behind, lighting up the design. This can turn out to be a terrific option for academic posters. It can adhere to glass, acrylic, and other surfaces easily 

Final Thoughts

Investing in the right poster is important or else your materials will lose their colours and will be barely presentable. This can greatly affect your presentations and put your future ambitions at risk. 

Therefore, make sure to find a reliable service for poster printing in Edinburgh. For the best service, reach out to us today and get an appointment for a detailed consultation. Our experts will review your needs and recommend the best poster along with a free cost estimate. You can also check out our price calculator.

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